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ITBS Practice Tests

Iowa Assessments ITBS Practice Tests

The Iowa Test is no longer classified as standardized testing to be tolerated by students once a week each year. Instead, the Iowa Test is a critical marker of how well your child has learned – and what areas need improvement. Based upon these results, your child’s teacher crafts appropriate lesson plans to ensure that your child stays competitive in today’s rigorous academic environment.

Today, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, generally known as the Iowa Test or the ITBS, provides the scale against which not only students but schools and entire districts are measured. The Iowa Test, used in the state of Iowa, is one of the oldest and most recognized standardized tests. If your child or students will be taking the Iowa Test, Bright Education can help. Our Iowa Test preparation materials can ensure that your students get the best possible results, as well as truly learn the covered subjects, instead of just test taking tips.

The Importance of the ITBS Test

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is used to test the knowledge of students in elementary and middle school, up through the eighth grade. The ITBS test was developed by the University of Iowa, who is also still responsible for administering and evaluating the test.

The Iowa Test is unique because it was designed to specifically analyze a student’s current knowledge, as well as evaluate subject matters that should be stressed in a child's education. This greatly assists teachers, parents, and schools to clearly define areas of learning focus throughout the year. Therefore, the Iowa Tests are generally administered throughout the school year, depending on the preference of the school, while most standardized tests are administered at the end of a semester or school year.

Bright Education ITBS Test Preparation

Our ITBS practice tests encompass all of the subjects tested on the Iowa Test. The topics covered differ depending on the grade of the students and include Language, Mathematics, Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Capitalization, Punctuation, Listening, Science, Social Studies and more.

The focus of the Iowa Test changes from year to year, so we have customized our practice tests to do the same. Our Iowa Test preparation materials teach not just tips on how to take the test, but actually teach the covered topics. This makes our ITBS practice tests suitable for use at every grade level, even if a student has taken our practice tests in a previous year.Iowa ITBS Practice Tests

Just like the Iowa Test, we provide results that show the student's results in comparison to others who have taken the test, as well as their comparative grade level. We also display a detailed report that identifies strengths and weaknesses so the student can focus on problem areas. Our ITBS practice tests are not just prep tools. Our focus is helping students really understand the covered topics and create a foundation for lifelong learning.

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